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The Organ

The pride of the Rialto Theatre is

its original Barton Grande Theatre

Pipe Organ.

The Golden Voiced Barton Grande Theatre

Pipe Organ, originally a four manual, twenty-

one rank instrument, began its musical career

at the opening of the Rialto Square Theatre on

May 24, 1926, with an all gold console. 

Lovingly maintained since 1971 by the Joliet

Area Theatre Organ Enthusiasts, a major

renovation of the organ was begun in 1989.  A

computerized relay was installed and chamber

layouts were changed to optimize the

acoustical properties of the pipework.  The

revitalized Barton sang again on July 5, 1993. 

It is currently a 27 rank instrument. 

Recordings on this magnificent instrument

have been made by many of the world’s great

theatre organists.

                                                                                                                                   Chamber Analysis:                        Foundation (Stage Right Upper)               Main (Stage Right Lower)                                     French Trumpet                                                  Tuba Horn                                 Diaphonic Diapason                                    Tibia Clausa (Barton 15”)                                       Oboe Horn                                                           Clarinet                                     Concert Flute                                                        Violins II                                                                                                                   Quintadena                                                                                                                  Vox Humana                            Brass (Stage Left Upper)                         Solo (Stage Left Lower)                                     Tuba Mirabilis                                                       Trumpet                                       Post Horn                                                Tibia Clausa (Wurlitzer 15”)                                                                                                                 Horn Diapason                                                                                                                Orchestral Oboe                                                                                                                      Kinura                                                                                                                   Saxophone                                                                                                                  Cor Anglais                                                                                                                Solo Strings II                                                                                                                    Gamba II                                                                                                                  Vox Humana                                                                      Lobby Organ                                                                                      Tibia                                                                                 Chrysoglott